2014...WHAT A YEAR!

As 2015 begins, I just wanted to say a big, huge, massive, enormous, gigantic THANK YOU!!!

I've been totally overwhelmed by the support I've received and the orders have been flooding in over the last few months. Although it's me doing all the creative work, it's the many many people spreading the word and encouraging me who've helped push things forward. 

Extra thanks need to be given to a few:

My Family: For always being great promoters and putting up with the mess and the odd 'creative mood'.

My Friends: For believing in what I'm doing and keeping me sane this year.

My Bosses: At The Gallery, for giving me a space to sell my work, teaching me picture framing and providing the best place that I could work!

My Wood Turner (Ron Hawkrigg): For making me beautiful wooden pieces to paint and always helping me with new ideas. 


I already have some projects on the go for 2015, so please keep your eyes peeled!