Another Fine Fest 2015!

For the second year, I had the honour of being part of Another Fine Fest in Ulverston! Lots more acts and goings on in the Town and I got a bigger window! (Well 2 actually).

The day started off extremely wet, with a never-ending curtain of rain. I wasn't due to start until 1pm, so I decided to go earlier and check out how all my fellow Artists were getting on. I had bought Posca pens to use, which are chalk based, so I was getting worried how they'd get on with the wet weather. As I walked up Market St, I was so impressed with how everyone was just getting on with it and seemed totally undeterred. The atmosphere was already buzzing and I couldn't wait to get started!

I was asked to decorate the childrens clothes and toy shop 'Boogles and Bump' on King St. The lovely owners let me have free reign on their windows and gave me lots of encouragement through the afternoon. 

My design revolved around a child's imagination and how children may see the world around them. I picked out the quotes 'Children see magic because the look for it' and 'The World is but a canvas of the imagination' and wanted to include aspects of the local area.

The first window included:

*The Lantern House (Ulverston) with a boy flying out of a window holding a cluster of lanterns.  

*A mermaid swimming alongside a whale. 

*A boy riding a Seahorse.

The second window featured:

*A pirate ship chasing a flying submarine.

*The Hoad (Ulverston) as Rapunzels Tower.

*An arch from The Abbey with a dragon hiding treasure.

*Giraffes (who doesn't love them?!)

I loved having such a big space to work and hope that I get to be involved again next year! 

The sun came out after-all and so me and my best bud Louise went out in the evening to soak up the rest of the Fest in the pubs! Well done to Dave and the rest of the team for another brilliant day, I wish there were more events like this here!

2014...WHAT A YEAR!

As 2015 begins, I just wanted to say a big, huge, massive, enormous, gigantic THANK YOU!!!

I've been totally overwhelmed by the support I've received and the orders have been flooding in over the last few months. Although it's me doing all the creative work, it's the many many people spreading the word and encouraging me who've helped push things forward. 

Extra thanks need to be given to a few:

My Family: For always being great promoters and putting up with the mess and the odd 'creative mood'.

My Friends: For believing in what I'm doing and keeping me sane this year.

My Bosses: At The Gallery, for giving me a space to sell my work, teaching me picture framing and providing the best place that I could work!

My Wood Turner (Ron Hawkrigg): For making me beautiful wooden pieces to paint and always helping me with new ideas. 


I already have some projects on the go for 2015, so please keep your eyes peeled! 

Another Fine Fest 2014!

Such a wonderful day in Ulverston! Perfect weather, great turn out and a town filled with music, comedy and creativity. I spent the morning in the company of some lovely crafters in the Market St Pop Up Shop, creating an art piece on the window. 

Window Art

The design was loosely based on my 'In the shadow of the Hoad' illustration but swapped some buildings for those that were involved in the festival. Venues such as Natterjacks, The Little Kings Head, Hope and Anchor, The Sun and Amigos. Also, Laurel and Hardy posing near the Hoad and performers at the Market Cross.

After finishing, I popped down to see the fantastic Freya Green on the another fine stage and then spent the rest of the afternoon at The Little Kings Head. Never been in this pub before and what a lovely find! Great atmosphere in their brand new beer garden and a continuous stream of talented acoustic acts - the young David Kay in particular.

Big thanks to Dave, Sophie and the rest of the organisers who put together a local festival to be proud of. Same again next year please!